60 Ways Mental Health Partners Makes a Difference


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60 Ways Mental Health Partners Makes a Difference


Since 1962, Mental Health Partners has been honored to serve our community. In commemoration of 60 years, here are 60 ways Mental Health Partners makes a difference in Boulder and Broomfield counties today. 

  1. MHP provides comprehensive behavioral health care to more than 11,000 area residents annually, with an average of more than 22 services per client.
  2. MHP is committed to Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) as a top priority, with work led both internally and externally by our Vice President of JEDI.
  3. MHP’s Housing team helps clients find permanent housing. Since March 2020, it has housed nearly 210 clients, which is a major step in their recovery journey.
  4. MHP’s Philanthropy Department receives contributions each year to help provide Welcome Home Kits with basic household supplies to help clients as they move from homelessness to housing. More than 50 kits were distributed last year.
  5. MHP’s community suicide prevention training initiative has taught potentially lifesaving skills to nearly 6,000 area residents since it began in Fall 2018.
  6. MHP’s 90-minute Question, Persuade, Refer (QPR) classes teach people how to recognize the signs and symptoms of suicide ideation.
  7. MHP offers Applied Suicide Intervention Training (ASIST) to community members who work with people in settings where individuals are at high risk for suicide.
  8. MHP provides 8-hour Mental Health First Aid courses to community members who want to learn how to identify, understand, and respond to signs of mental illness and substance use disorders.
  9. MHP’s Walk-In Crisis Center is open in Boulder 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Services include confidential, in-person support, information, and referrals to anyone in need. The Crisis Center is available to those in need of direct services or those seeking to help engage another person in services, whether the crisis is substance-use related, psychiatric, or both. It is located at 3180 Airport Road, Boulder, CO.
  10. MHP is collaborating in the use of Pain Reprocessing Therapy (PRT), a new modality that aims to eliminate chronic pain by directly targeting and retraining neural pathways.
  11. MHP has a commitment to provide the highest quality clinical services possible. Through Evidence-Based Practice (EBP), MHP offers internal and external training opportunities to our staff. Some of these include Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT), Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) Skills, Whole Health Action Management (WHAM), and others.
  12. MHP has devoted resources to training staff in EBP trauma models. One such model is Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). This model is offered through MHP’s Moving Beyond Trauma (MBT) team, as well as adult and child/adolescent outpatient therapy teams. MHP has over 40 staff trained in EMDR who provide in-house support through EMDRIA approved consultants for this model.
  13. MHP is the only organization in Colorado that currently provides Cognitive Enhancement Therapy (CET). CET is a recovery-phase cognitive rehabilitation training program for adults with schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder. CET is for those who are symptomatically stable yet continue to need support in social and vocational abilities.
  14. MHP’s annual community breakfast focuses on the intersection of mental health and community issues such as education, criminal justice, and equity.
  15. Through its annual Community Challenge fundraising events, MHP raises more than $40,000 annually to assure that every member of the community has access to suicide prevention education, regardless of their ability to pay.
  16. MHP’s Prevention and Interventionists team has counselors in 13 schools in the Boulder Valley School District.
  17. MHP’s Kid Connects program has provided integrated health and mental health consultation to licensed early care and education settings in Boulder and Broomfield counties since 1997. Kid Connects partners with licensed childcare homes and centers, as well as other early education sites including Head Start and District preschools.
  18. MHP’s Kid Connects in the Neighborhood recognizes that not all children attend a licensed childcare or daycare provider. Many children are being lovingly cared for by family friends, neighbors, or family members. This program supports these children and their care providers by offering resources, screenings, referrals, and more.
  19. MHP’s #BoulderStrong Resource Center provides direct support to those impacted by the Table Mesa Incident in March 2021. The #Boulder Strong Resource Center is a safe place of healing and support, with an understanding that healing takes time.
  20. MHP’s all-volunteer #BoulderStrong Comfort Dogs was a program started in response to the Table Mesa incident. It continues to provide unique care and support for people throughout the community affected by that tragedy.
  21. Through MHP’s Community Infant Program (CIP), a team of bilingual psychologists, therapists, and public health nurses work exclusively with pregnant women and families with children 0-3 years old to offer comprehensive, trauma- informed, culturally sensitive, relationship-based support services.
  22. MHP’s Partnership for Active Community Engagement (PACE) is a collaborative outpatient program with Boulder County Probation Department, Community Justice Services, and the Boulder County Sheriff’s Department. The PACE program is for those on probation who struggle with mental health and substance use issues and are involved in the criminal justice system.
  23. MHP’s Senior Reach program provides connection and mental health services for older adults through behavioral health services, connection to community resources, and education.
  24. MHP’s Senior Peer Counseling Service is composed of volunteers, all older adults themselves, who provide weekly supportive peer counseling on a one-on-one basis to older adults throughout Boulder and Broomfield counties. The program has been running for close to 40 years and is highly valued by volunteers and participants alike.
  25. MHP is part of the county’s disaster response team, providing mental health support quickly in situations such as the Marshall Fire and the Table Mesa Incident.
  26. MHP’s Moving to End Sexual Assault (MESA) program is Boulder County’s only sexual violence resource center for the last 50 years. MESA supports survivors of sexual violence and their loved ones through a 24/7 hotline, text support, hospital accompaniment, victim advocacy, and specialized support groups.
  27. MESA provides sexual violence prevention education programs throughout the community, training businesses on the dynamics of sexual violence and active bystander intervention. MESA works closely with schools to increase knowledge on boundaries and consent to reduce sexual violence.
  28. Moving Beyond Trauma, MHP’s trauma-focused counseling center, offers trauma-focused yoga, acupuncture, and massage.
  29. MHP’s facility dog, Fievel, who is a member of the Moving Beyond Trauma and MESA teams, works with clients in a friendly and loving way before, after, or during their therapy sessions. Fievel was the first facility dog at a community mental health center in Colorado.
  30. MHP provides Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) for substance use recovery. MAT can help decrease cravings and prevent relapse for both opioid and alcohol dependence. Mental Health Partners offers a variety of diverse MAT options, including Vivitrol and Suboxone programs.
  31. MHP has partnered with the Early Assessment and Support Alliance (EASA) to launch the ASCENT program, which provides holistic community-based treatment and support to youth and young adults who are experiencing troubling thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Designed to treat the individual rather than just the symptoms, ASCENT uses a series of specialized services to help individuals develop independence and maintain stability. This program is fully funded, regardless of insurance.
  32. MHP provides an Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) program in Boulder County locations. ACT includes intensive case management, outreach, psychosocial rehabilitation, medical psychiatric treatment for adults with severe and persistent mental illnesses who are at risk of or involved in the justice system or psychiatric hospitalization.
  33. MHP provides an Anxiety Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) which provides cognitive behavioral therapy and trauma-informed care for adults and adolescents who are currently insured through Medicaid. This Anxiety IOP is specifically designed for adults and adolescents experiencing high levels of anxiety.
  34. MHP provides a Substance Abuse Disorder Intensive Outpatient Program (SUD IOP) attached to the Valmont Adult Outpatient Services (VAOS) team. This program is for adults in need of higher-intensity group and individual services. MHP partners with Boulder County probation on referrals to this program, as well as numerous other local referring organizations.
  35. MHP’s JAIL services, based in the Boulder County Jail, is a partnership program with the Office of Behavioral Health and the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office, whereby MHP provides prescriber services to inmates.
  36. MHP provides restoration services through the Office of Behavioral Health. It also offers transitional support through CIS partnership when people leave the jails.
  37. MHP’s Ryan Wellness Center is the campus for Adult Outpatient Services in Boulder. This beautiful facility houses numerous program areas and services, as a one-stop resource. Services include psychiatric providers, medication support, housing support, case management, vocational/educational support, a computer lab, wellness offerings, and connection to the Boulder Adult Outpatient Services. In addition, this location also houses our partnering integrated health services program with Clinica.
  38. MHP’s Norton Behavioral Health Center, across the parking lot from the Ryan Wellness Center, offers individual and group services to adults seeking therapy services. An on-site pharmacy, run by Genoa Pharmacy, is a convenient resource for clients needing medications.
  39. MHP’s Longmont Center, located in the Community HUB, offers a full array of services to adults, children/adolescents, and families. Included are psychiatric services, case management, housing support, wellness services, individual and group therapies, liaison with partners such as schools, and other social service organizations.
  40. MHP’s Sherman Street Center in Longmont serves adults looking for a community-based program offering individual and group therapy, wellness coaching, groups, and activities. MHP’s ACT Team is housed at Sherman, providing home and community-based services in all our regions.
  41. MHP’s Broomfield Center offers a full array of adult and child/adolescent/family services. In 2021 and 2022, Broomfield Center staff were recognized as recipients of the Heart of Broomfield Healthcare Hero awards.
  42. MHP provides Lafayette Outpatient Services at its Dixon Avenue location and at Sister Carmen. Since November 2016, the program has grown by 450%, with continued growth and demand seen each year.
  43. MHP’s Warner House is a 16-bed facility that serves two programming areas. Ten beds are Medicaid-funded for substance use treatment in a Transitional Residential Treatment level program. Six beds are for mental health respite clients, referred through the MHP Crisis Center.
  44. Boulder Child and Family Services offers individual and group services as well as case management, wellness, and psychiatric services on the Broadway campus of the Boulder County services building.
  45. MHP’s Mountain Community Program recently opened in partnership with Clinica. This is an integrated healthcare clinic in Nederland, designed to provide direct behavioral and primary health services to the mountain communities.
  46. MHP provides mental health staff to the Boulder Valley School District’s Halcyon School in a partnership to support emotional and mental health for students in special education programming.
  47. MHP’s Integrated Health Clinic at the Ryan Wellness Center provides a one-stop location to receive physical health care at the Clinica Family Health Clinic, as well as mental health care through MHP’s clinical services, and dental support through the Dental Aid clinic.
  48. MHP’s Ryan Wellness Center Computer Lab is open to all clients of MHP. The Lab provides MHP clients with access to the internet, email, Word/Excel, and other critical online services. 
  49. MHP’s Community Crisis Program is dedicated to supporting victims of the Marshall Fire. In less than a year after the fire, The CCP team provided over 3,500 direct contacts to community members by providing crisis counseling, referrals, and connection to local resources to community members recovering from the fire.
  50. Embedded within the Community Crisis Program is a Child and Family Specialist who has tailored programming directly benefiting children and families impacted by the fire by utilizing art as a tool to understand reactions to disasters, process traumatic experiences, and build resilience.
  51. MHP’s Community Health Worker Team provides support to the community by assisting community members navigate access to behavioral health services and support. Since the launch of the program in 2019, the CHW team has assisted over 700 individuals access behavioral health services.
  52. MHP’s Community Health Workers provide resource navigation to priority populations including Hispanic/Latine, veterans, service members and their families, individuals experiencing homelessness or housing instability, transitional-aged youth ages 16-25, and children and families. By co-locating at community organizations, the team meets community members where they are at and provides culturally competent and trauma-informed support.
  53. Since January 2021, MHP’s Community Health Worker Team has provided outreach services in the mountain region including Nederland, Allenspark, Lyons, and Jamestown to address barriers to care and basic need resources.
  54. MHP has an extensive internship program available to Master’s level students who are in a psychology-related program and want to do their internship or combined practicum/internship, as well as doctoral level students in psychology-related programs who want to do a field placement in community mental health. Accepting up to 50 students a session, interns come from University of Colorado – Boulder, University of Colorado-Denver, University of Denver, Naropa, Metro State, University of Northern Colorado, Regis, Adams State, and others, including on-line programs.
  55. Mental Health Partners offers a full spectrum of substance abuse treatment services based upon individual needs as assessed through comprehensive evaluations at admission and throughout participation in the program.
  56. MHP is a Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC). It was the first mental health center in Colorado, and only 1 of 52 in the nation, to be awarded the prestigious grant and subsequent attestation to becoming a CCBHC, the “gold standard” in the delivery of mental health and addiction recovery care.
  57. MHP provides compassionate mental health and addiction recovery care to all people, including individuals in minoritized communities. The organization works to develop and support programs that address systemic inequities and barriers, partners with community organizations who share our values of empathy, hope, and healing, and adds its voice to the collective as a sign of strength, unity, compassion, and empathy.
  58. MHP accepts Medicaid, Medicare, self-pay, and many private insurance options. Its financial advisors can match individuals with the best payment plan to fit their needs and means.
  59. MHP launched a telehealth service during the COVID-19 pandemic to assure clients could stay in touch with their providers. Given the great success of this service, MHP continues to offer telehealth as an option to provide the most convenient and accessible care possible.
  60. Through the Zero Suicide pilot at MHP’s Longmont offices, staff screen all new Longmont clients for suicide risk in their initial assessments. Should a client be at risk, helping them be suicide-safer is one of the main goals of their treatment plan.