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First Episode Psychosis Treatment Program

In partnership with the Early Assessment and Support Alliance (EASA), MHP’s ASCENT program provides holistic community-based treatment and support to youth and young adults who are experiencing troubling thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Designed to treat the individual rather than just the symptoms, ASCENT uses a series of specialized services to help individuals develop independence and maintain stability. This program is fully cost-covered, regardless of insurance. 

  • Early intervention

    Research shows that early intervention and treatment can have a profound impact on mental health outcomes for young people experiencing troubling thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Clients who engage in intensive treatment within the first 24 months of their psychotic symptom onset have an approximately 85% chance of recovery. 

  • Targeted care

    ASCENT is a specialized program for young adults (age 15-29) who are experiencing symptoms of psychosis. 

  • Personalized treatment

    This program is a community-based approach to mental wellness, providing client-driven treatment for up to 3 years. 

  • Comprehensive support

    Clients benefit from wraparound services from a multi-disciplinary team – including therapists, case managers, peer support specialists, substance abuse specialists, psychiatrists, and nurses. 


Pathways to wellness

For young adults experiencing symptoms of psychosis, early intervention and treatment is vital. Individual outcomes improve significantly when their providers, friends, teachers, coaches, and loved ones help them find the support and care they need – or they can easily find the support they need themselves 

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For clinicians, doctors, and providers 

Treating psychosis requires specialized training, knowledge, and expertise. Whether you are a mental health professional or medical provider, you may have reason to suspect that your client or patient is exhibiting psychotic symptoms. By referring the person to the ASCENT program, we can help clarify whether psychosis is present and, if so, how it is affecting their functioning and what treatment intervention may be needed. Based on this information, the individual and their loved ones will be able to make an informed decision about their treatment plan and goals with compassionate guidance from the MHP team. 

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For parents, teachers, and concerned loved ones 

Is your child, student, friend, or loved one exhibiting some troubling thoughts, feelings, or behaviors? Often, it is the people who are closest to an individual who first notice changes in behavior and can encourage the person to seek the help and support they need. Parents, teachers/educators, coaches, family members, friends, and others play an important role in recognizing the first signs of psychosis 

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For young adults and teens 

Are you concerned or distressed by troubling thoughts, feelings, or behaviors – such as seeing or hearing things that others don’t, or racing thoughts that cause you to lose sleep for days? Are these symptoms affecting your friendships and relationships with loved ones? 

“Psychosis” is a broad term that covers many different symptoms and experiences. The truth is that anyone can develop psychosis, and it is far more common than people think. You are not alone. With the right information, support, and treatment, you can overcome it. 


More mental health support and information

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Early Assessment & Support Alliance (EASA) 

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Hearing Voices Network 

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