Clinica Family Health and Mental Health Partners intend to merge in September 2024, creating a more holistic healthcare agency: Clinica Family Health & Wellness!

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Trailblazers, innovators, and experts in community mental health

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Your wellness journey starts here

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What does wellness mean to you? 

Finding happiness, connection, and hope in life looks different for each person. Our goal is to empower our clients to pursue their own unique pathways to health through individualized mental health and recovery treatment, community connection, resource navigation, and more. Let us help you take the first step toward wellness.

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How we guide people to wellness

When seeking support for yourself or someone else, you deserve compassionate care that puts you first, listens to your needs, and delivers real results. Through our client-focused approach, we empower you to pursue and practice wellness wherever you are in your journey. 

  • Compassion-driven

    As trusted care providers, we must put ourselves in others’ shoes. Our core values are rooted in empathy and compassion for our clients, community, and colleagues. Only then will people feel belonging, acceptance, and connection. 

  • Comprehensive care

    Both mental and physical health can impact your long-term wellness and happiness. Our unique integrated, whole-person approach to care makes it easier than ever to ensure all of your needs are met. 

  • Client-centered

    Improving health outcomes for our clients is fundamental to who we are, what we do, and why we do it. We will never stop working to improve client results and experiences, and putting your voice at the center of all we do. Your success is ours. 

  • Community-focused

    Since 1962, we have served the Boulder and Broomfield community as our region’s nonprofit community mental health provider. By leveraging longstanding relationships with community partners like local businesses, governments, and other nonprofits, we can multiply and magnify our impact. 

  • Clinically-proven

    We specialize in the expert delivery of evidence-based treatments and modalities that have been rigorously tested by clinical and scientific research. Through this practice, we can make more informed treatment decisions that lead to better client outcomes. 

  • Culturally responsive

    We recognize, value, and celebrate the role of intersectional identities when it comes to shaping your unique lived experience and health outcomes. We commit to provide care that is welcoming, respectful, affirming, and culturally competent.  


Healthy minds, healthy lives, healthy communities.

Simply put, MHP's core mission is to provide healing, help, and health to our community. We work towards this goal because we believe that investing in the health and wellbeing of individuals and families leads to better health outcomes for all. As people who live and work in the Boulder and Broomfield area, we are committed to understanding the needs of our community and passionate about making a positive impact. 

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Stories of hope and healing

"I was worried at first, because of the stigma behind getting help; but I have to tell you, so much of my life would not be possible without taking these first few steps."