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Reschedule an appointment

Please call our main phone number to reschedule an upcoming appointment for yourself or a loved one.

Call (303) 443-8500 (press 4)

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Understand your bill 

Our Billing & Customer Service team is available to assist you by phone (303-413-6243) or email, Monday – Friday 7:30am-4:30pm. 

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Begin care at MHP 

To start the registration process for yourself or a loved one, call (303) 443-8500 (for TTY users, dial 711), or click the link below to get started. 

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Refill a prescription

If you need to refill or renew a medication, please contact our Nursing line.  

Call (303) 443-8500 (press 3)


Pathways for resolution and refinement

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MHP’s Client & Family Advocate

The Client & Family Advocate (CFA) acts as a resource to clients and their family members when issues arise that affect a client’s care at Mental Health Partners. The Advocate’s role is to listen to the client or their family member to understand the issue at hand, address barriers to continued therapeutic progress, and help resolve grievances. The Advocate acts as a liaison between the client and their treatment providers when issues arise, ensuring that client rights are protected and upheld. 

Be A Voice Client Advocacy Group

Be A Voice is a group of MHP clients, their family members, and staff that meets regularly to discuss how to continuously improve service delivery at Mental Health Partners. Through these insights and recommendations, MHP gains invaluable perspective on how to enhance organizational policy, procedures, and systems in ways that greatly benefit the clients and communities we serve. 


If you or your loved one are an MHP client, and you’re passionate about using your voice to enact positive and equitable change at MHP, reach out to get connected.  

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Nick Liporace


Nick Liporace

He / Him / His

Nick has held numerous positions in the behavioral health field, providing both clinical and administrative support. These experiences have provided Nick with a variety of skills and perspectives that have helped form the lens from which he views client care at Mental Health Partners. He is passionate about helping clients navigate and resolve the issues that may be impeding their progress. He believes that every individual has a right to receive respectful and considerate support to assist them in realizing their inherent potential to live their best life. He believes that each step towards that realization is an achievement that demonstrates courage and perseverance. In his life away from work, Nick enjoys music, spending time outdoors interacting with nature, and enjoying many of the things that make Colorado such a special place.


Client Grievance Form

MHP provides clients and their families or legal guardians with the opportunity to express a problem or grievance. A “grievance” is any situation or condition that a client thinks is unfair, unjust, or inequitable. To report a grievance, please email your completed Client Grievance Form to