Clinica Family Health and Mental Health Partners intend to merge in September 2024, creating a more holistic healthcare agency: Clinica Family Health & Wellness!

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Connect patients to comprehensive care

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Our unique approach to care

As a community-based nonprofit organization, we partner with local healthcare providers and organizations, law enforcement, criminal justice systems, and other nonprofits across our region to provide a smooth and seamless delivery of comprehensive mental health and addiction services 


Trusted, local experts 

Since 1962, our team has served individuals and families throughout Boulder and Broomfield counties. We are behavioral health experts who live and work in the communities we serve.


Excellence in service delivery 

Our commitment to providing quality care to our clients through evidence-based modalities, culturally responsive care, and professional excellence is foundational to our mission, vision, and values.


Comprehensive care 

As a comprehensive provider of mental health and addiction care, we offer a wide range of specialized programs and services to clients and community members of all ages.


Refer someone to MHP

Finding mental health support that is affordable, comprehensive, and community-based can be challenging for many individuals and families. Our mission is to eliminate these barriers and make it easier for people in our community to get the help they or a loved one need as quickly as possible. Starting care at Mental Health Partners begins with 3 simple steps. 

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    To refer someone to MHP, call our main phone number at (303) 443-8500 - or send us a completed Client Registration Form by email or fax. You should receive a response from our team within 48 business hours with additional information about scheduling their comprehensive assessment.

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    At the comprehensive assessment, the client will spend some time with a member of our team so we can better understand their needs and identify which of our services will best serve them. These assessments can take up to 2 hours and be done virtually or in person.

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    Our experts will review the assessment results to develop a custom treatment plan based on the client's individual needs. We will match them with the right MHP program(s) or service(s), then connect them with their treatment team to begin care.


Common questions and answers about referrals

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