Clinica Family Health and Mental Health Partners intend to merge in September 2024, creating a more holistic healthcare agency: Clinica Family Health & Wellness!

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Wellness begins with education and awareness

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Better understanding leads to better health outcomes

Each person’s wellness journey looks different. At the same time, social stigma and systemic inequities cause collective harm and barriers for large groups of people based on their age, race, gender, sexual orientation, culture, mental health diagnosis, or other identities. By confronting these barriers directly through education, awareness, and ultimately action, we can achieve better health outcomes for all. Browse these Wellness Guides below to expand your knowledge and deepen your understanding. 


Lifesaving impact through education

Many of our clients have been on suicide precaution while in custody and have attempted suicide and self-harm in their past. We are so grateful to receive the ASIST training to best support our clients when they are at their most vulnerable.

Boulder County, Community Justice Services team member