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Community Infant Program (CIP)

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A specialized program for families with children 0-3 years old

Caring for a new baby and young children can be filled with joy, love, and excitement. Parenting young children is such a special gift. At the same time, it can also be stressful, overwhelming, and full of emotional ups and downs. It is common for people to experience feelings of anxiety, depression, confusion, and increased stress as a parent or caregiver. Many parents do not feel comfortable expressing these feelings or asking for help.


MHP’s Community Infant Program (CIP) began in 1984 as a prevention program responding to an identified community need. Today, the program continues to provide support to any and all families expecting a child and/or currently caring for an infant or toddler. Our compassionate and caring team is here for you and your growing family. 

  • Specialized, expert services

    CIP provides specialized, supportive care for pregnant individuals, single parents, and families with infants, toddlers, and young children. Our staff are experts in child development, health, and safety, as well as parent health, including nutrition, exercise, and rest. We can help you better understand your baby’s sleep, feeding, and social behavior.

  • Team-based approach

    Our team of bilingual therapists, public health nurses, health and wellness coaches, and peer support specialists work in partnership to provide wrap-around support for parents and families – whatever your needs. 

  • Comprehensive care

    We offer a variety of trauma-informed, culturally sensitive, relationship-based support services to ensure you and your growing family have a healthy, happy transition into this new chapter in your life.   


Laying the foundations for strong and resilient families

Whether you are a single parent bringing home your first baby or a family with young children, the Community Infant Program offers a wide range of home-based services tailored to your family’s needs. 

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Parent-infant therapy 

We can help you build skills and confidence as a new parent or parenting a toddler, and answer questions about your changing family. We can help you understand your own feelings and communicate with others when the stress of parenting increases tension in your relationship. 

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Family/home visitation 

Our caring and friendly team members can visit your home and show you how to care for your infant in different situations, as well as help you understand and manage your child’s crying or fussiness. We can assist you in learning about your baby’s emotional needs. 

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Depression and anxiety treatment 

We provide comprehensive care and support for individuals and families impacted by depression and anxiety – including therapy to address feelings and psychiatrist referrals as needed. 

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Individualized support from coaches and peer specialists 

Our Health & Wellness Coaches and Peer Support Specialists help connect families to community resources. They can also provide recommendations on ways to play and support children’s development, as well as offer support on developing routines and structure. 

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Learning in a group setting 

We offer expert-led parenting classes to help parents and caregivers develop their skills in evidence-based practices – including mindful parenting Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and Circle of Security Parenting groups. 


Stories of hope and healing

“After having my baby, I didn’t feel like I was supposed to feel. I was tired all the time, wasn’t sure why my baby was crying and worried I wasn’t doing anything right. Having my CIP therapist and nurse meet me at my home made it easier for me to get support. I learned that what I was feeling was normal and that my baby was acting normal too. I learned ways to understand and communicate with my baby. I started to feel more confident as a parent.”



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