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Team Spotlight: Meet Victor King (he/him/his)


At Mental Health Partners, our staff and teams are comprised of people who live out our vision for healthy minds, healthy lives, and healthy communities. They are not only experts in their respective fields, but also passionate and dedicated members of the communities we serve. 

Take Victor.  

Victor King is a Colorado Peer & Family Specialist on the State Opioid Response Grant, a trainer in Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) for adults and teens, and MHP’s Statewide Peer Support Professional trainer. As a valued team member of Mental Health Partners for over 8 years, Victor’s work has improved and saved the lives of so many clients and community members.

“Recovery is a unique path that one chooses to travel upon, and I am grateful that journey began for me as a client at MHP. Now, I am able to support my community and the state of Colorado as an Internationally Certified Peer Recovery Coach and Manager on the State Opioid Response Grant. It is an honor to work beside such passionate and dedicated staff and clients who inspire me daily.”  

It’s clear that Victor’s passion for helping and empowering others extends beyond his 9 to 5 grant-funded role.  

In 2020, he became a Boulder Chamber of Commerce Leadership Fellow while also serving as a member of the Board of Directors for the Boulder Shelter for the Homeless. The Boulder County Leadership program encourages participants to join a nonprofit or community board once they finish the program.  

During the George Floyd protests, Victor saw that he could make a lasting impact in our community by joining the Boulder Police Oversight Panel.  

In his words, there are those who start the spark, those who bring the wood, and those who sit by the campfire. Victor knows how to tend a campfire. 

“As a Boulder County resident for 30 years, my experience as a person of color has not been an easy road to travel and I choose to raise my son here. I do not want him to experience mistreatment and I saw a chance to engage with the system to prevent future harm. It is no coincidence that this happened during the summer of the George Floyd.”

Victor joined the Oversight Panel in its infancy. There are 64 counties in Colorado and only three currently have a Police Oversight Panel: Denver, Aurora, and Boulder. Across the state, these Panels are creating foundations and connections between the police force, communities, and organizations. Short-term impacts include developing more trusting environments and communication trainings. Long-term impacts include Police Oversight Panels being written into city policies.  

Programs like the Boulder Police Oversight Panel – and Victor’s essential work in this capacity - matter because they break silos. The panel is also the most racially diverse panel in the city with members from all professions and ages. 

The Homeless Outreach Team, which is a small department on the Police force, consists of three offices that work closely with Mental Health Partners. Victor’s ability to hold multiple perspectives and collaborate with community partners aligns with the values and mission at MHP. He has helped the police make connections with organizations across the county.   

Victor is cultivating a connected community and MHP is so grateful.  

“My passion for MHP is ignited by the awesome people I work with, and the opportunity provided for people to help other people.”

To learn more, check out The Boulder Police Oversight Panel webpage.