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Team Spotlight: Bruce Levy, 31 Years at Mental Health Partners (And Counting)


Here at Mental Health Partners (MHP), our mission as a nonprofit community mental health provider is to serve individuals and families in Boulder and Broomfield counties with expert behavioral health services from a lens of care, compassion, and cultural awareness. What makes us different from other mental health providers is that the kindhearted, dedicated, and passionate people who work here are also deeply embedded and personally invested in the communities we serve...because it is our community, too!  

Our colleagues make all the difference in caring for our clients and community. And so, in an effort to highlight some of these amazing individuals and teams, we look forward to publishing regular spotlight articles like this in the months aheadstarting with Bruce Levy.  

Bruce has been a part of MHP for the last 31 years. He has served in many different capacities and roles as the needs of our organization and community have shifted in the last three decades. Through it all, Bruce has provided key support from a compassionate, client-first mindset. 

Continue reading to learn more about Bruce, including what inspires him after more than three decades of service at MHP. 

When did you join MHP, and what roles have you had? 

I first joined MHP in 1991 as a mental health worker at Cedar House (now Warner House). In 1992, I combined my counseling degree with my previous business experience and became a supervisor at WAT Business Services (“The WATshop”), which was an affirmative business run by MHP that employed clients.  

Around 2006, I chaired a committee that launched MHP's Peer Support Specialist program. This program helps connect clients to people with similar lived experience who can support their path to wellness by providing resources for employment, physical health, behavioral health, housing, food insecurity, and more. 

In 2014, I became the Computer Lab Supervisor at the Ryan Wellness Center (RWC). Since then, I’ve worked for the IT department as a Support Specialist and recently reopened the RWC Computer Lab following the COVID pandemic closures in 2020. 

Why did you start working at MHP? 

I was first attracted to MHP because of its comprehensive programming and reputation for being on the leading edge of mental health treatment.  

When I came to work here, I was equally impressed by its humanityboth in serving its clients and supporting its staff. I first entered the field of mental health at a community mental health center in Naples, Florida. There, working in community mental health was merely a stepping stone to private practice.  

But at MHP, it was different.  

There was a more enlightened and hopeful approach, with a lot of opportunities for staff to come together as a whole. 

What is the most rewarding part about the work you do? 

The most rewarding part about the work that I do is having the ability to form heartfelt connections that fuel my passions. I enjoy running into clients I’ve known for years and renewing those connections.  

I also cherish the role I now have as an elder at MHP, contributing my experience, perspective, and (occasionally) wisdom to my fellow colleagues. The people who I’ve had the privilege of working with have inspired me with their skills, dedication, and (most of all) huge hearts. 

Any final words? 

It has been a privilege and a blessing to work for over three decades at MHP. And I’m not done yet!  

Come visit me in the Computer Lab at Ryan Wellness Center in Boulder on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays! To reserve a time to use a computer, or if you have any questions, call the lab at (303) 413-6280 or email