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UrgentPsych: Mental Health & Substance Use Urgent Care 

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Immediate, in-person care for urgent needs

When someone is struggling with their mental health, the last thing they need is to be put on a waitlist or worry about how they will afford treatment. UrgentPsych is a walk-in acute care program that provides immediate, in-person treatment from licensed experts to any individual with urgent mental health and substance use needs. The goal of UrgentPsych is to increase access to client-centered care in our community.

  • All are welcome

    You do NOT need to be a current MHP client to get treatment through UrgentPsych. We serve all people regardless of their payor, insurance coverage (or lack thereof), or language needs.

  • No wrong door

    UrgentPsych is housed in the same location as MHP’s Walk-In Crisis and Addiction Services Center in Boulder, CO. By co-locating UrgentPsych with MHP’s existing crisis care and withdrawal management services, we can ensure there is “no wrong door” for community members to quickly receive care for various levels of walk-in support.

  • Expanded hours

    To better support people with immediate needs, UrgentPsych is open 7 days a week (except holidays) from 12 - 8pm.

  • Referrals welcome

    While we encourage providers to refer people to our UrgentPsych program, please keep in mind that UrgentPsych is NOT intended to be a regular place for hospital discharge appointments. UrgentPsych is also NOT a place to provide refills or bridge prescriptions as this should go through someone’s regular provider.


Bridging the gap between outpatient and crisis care

With parallels to a physical health urgent care clinic, UrgentPsych “bridges the gap” between emergency situations that require crisis intervention or hospitalization and outpatient services with one’s established care provider. Clients benefit from the following walk-in services.

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Single sessions of therapy

Sometimes you or a loved one may need to speak with a mental health professional outside of regularly scheduled appointments with an established care provider. UrgentPsych therapists are standing by to talk you or a loved one through a difficult time.

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Psychiatric and medication evaluations

Community members who self-identify as needing urgent or crisis care will be quickly and compassionately assessed by a mental health expert to determine what treatment methods may be most effective.

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Case management and referrals

In addition to supporting people in their moment of urgent or crisis need, we help plan long-term recovery and wellness for our clients by designing customized treatment plans for each individual. We can also refer clients to other MHP programs or external organizations as a next step. Our care coordinators are expert navigators and guides on your path to wellness.

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Outpatient substance use disorder (SUD) services

We offer a number of urgent substance use disorder services – including evaluations for outpatient detox, buprenorphine inductions, and other evidence-based treatment methods.