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60 Ways to Improve Your Mental Health


In honor of Mental Health Partners’ 60 years of serving our community, we've put together a list of 60 ways to improve your mental health through the daily practice of self-care and self-compassion. This list of activities contains quick, simple, and low-cost (or free) activities that can help boost your mental health.

What is self-care and wellness? 

While “self-care” has become something of a buzzword in recent years, it doesn't change the fact that personal wellness can have a profound impact on your short and long-term mental health. Self-care is important for everyone.

“Wellness” means being healthy in many dimensions of your life – including emotionally, physically, occupationally (work), intellectually, financially, socially, environmentally, creatively, and spiritually. Practicing self-care means prioritizing one or more of these dimensions of wellness in order to lead a healthier, happier, and more fulfilling life. 

60-Day Self-Care Challenge 

To promote wellness in your life, consider taking on the Self-Care Challenge by doing as many of the following daily activities as you can for the next 60 days. Alternatively, feel free to bookmark this page to refer to later when you are feeling particularly anxious, stressed, or depressed. Even doing just one of these activities can help promote wellness and healthy habits. 

(Tip: Download and print our Self-Care Challenge worksheet to hang on your fridge as a daily reminder.) 

Day 1: Get some fresh air. 

Day 2: Chat with a neighbor. 

Day 3: Play with a pet. 

Day 4: Tell someone you appreciate them. 

Day 5: Write yourself (or someone else) a cheerful note. 

Day 6: Listen to a podcast you love. 

Day 7: Take a break and get a hot beverage. 

Day 8: Stretch as you are able. 

Day 9: Eat healthy, nourishing food. 

Day 10: Learn to identify when you feel overwhelmed. 

Day 11: Spend time with someone you love. 

Day 12: Take a relaxing shower or bath. 

Day 13: Take a 15-minute walk outdoors. 

Day 14: Move your body as you are able (through exercise, yoga, movement, etc.). 

Day 15: Read a good book or listen to an audiobook. 

Day 16: Go to bed early (prioritize sleep).  

Day 17: Drink plenty of water. 

Day 18: Unplug from social media. 

Day 19: Call a friend or family member. 

Day 20: Listen to music. 

Day 21: Try a free online yoga or chair yoga video. 

Day 22: Establish a daily routine. 

Day 23: Eat lunch outside. 

Day 24: Read inspirational quotes. 

Day 25: Make your favorite food. 

Day 26: Start a gratitude journal.  

Day 27: Know your right to take up space. 

Day 28: Try a new hobby. 

Day 29: Watch the sunrise/sunset. 

Day 30: Take a power nap. 

Day 31: Start an art project (paint, draw, color, write, etc.) 

Day 32: Admire flowers and plants. 

Day 33: Be a tourist in your own town. 

Day 34: Don’t be afraid to cry. 

Day 35: Prioritize social connections. 

Day 36: Soak in some sunshine (and vitamin D). 

Day 37: Perform a random act of kindness. 

Day 38: Learn a new skill. 

Day 39: Leave positive words for others using sidewalk chalk. 

Day 40: Practice positive self-talk. 

Day 41: Give yourself permission to make mistakes. 

Day 42: Practice reframing challenges as opportunities. 

Day 43: Write a list of your short-term goals. 

Day 44: Listen to your favorite song. 

Day 45: Meditate or practice mindfulness. 

Day 46: Try deep breathing. 

Day 47: Wak up 15 minutes earlier. 

Day 48: Practice forgiveness (for yourself and others). 

Day 49: Practice self-acceptance. 

Day 50: Watch a feel-good movie. 

Day 51: Set aside time for quiet reflection. 

Day 52: Identify and celebrate your strengths. 

Day 53: Avoid stressful situations. 

Day 54: Practice saying “no.” 

Day 55: Set clear boundaries. (Watch this video to learn how to make and maintain health boundaries.) 

Day 56: Find a support group. 

Day 57: Understand it’s okay to not be okay all the time. 

Day 58: Embrace your inner child. 

Day 59: Write it all down in a journal. 

Day 60: Talk with a mental health professional.  

For more tips, tricks, and advice about prioritizing self-care and personal wellness, check out these resources: